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flower beds

A flower bed is an ordinary flower garden that can be made in any shape: triangle, square, circle, oval or trapezoid. Most of the flower beds are specially decorated: plants are planted by flowers, thereby creating some kind of pattern or ornament. The appearance of the flower garden is completely dependent on the imagination and ideas of the landscape designer.

If the owner of a private house or summer cottage decided to take care of the design of his territory, he can resort to the services of construction companies. Their employees will help in choosing a truck for various transportations; you can buy a Gazelle van or a mini-excavator from them. In each city, dealers of specialized equipment can offer various services, such as renting a dump truck, ice rink, or other special equipment. On its own territory, a private trader is the full owner and has the right to create such flower beds that are more to his liking.

However, in order to get an original and at the same time aesthetic result, you should know the main basics of creating flower beds.

The ideal option is to place the flower beds in areas of the garden that are flat and open. To create a full-fledged flower garden, plants that bloom beautifully and for a long time, as well as shrubs that live three to four years, are usually used.

Below are a few requirements that should be observed when making any flower bed:

  • The flower garden should not only be beautiful and well-groomed, but it should also be clearly visible from any garden point.
  • The design of the flower bed should not be too confusing and complicated. Especially this requirement applies to its internal part.
  • Plants in the flower garden should rise 15 centimeters above ground level.
  • The size of the flower bed can be anything, but the smallest is 3 square meters.

There are many types of different flower beds. They include irregular, chameleon flower beds, traditional, regular, monotonous flower beds, panel flower beds and others. All classes differ in their distinctive features. For example, regular flower beds have plants inside that create a strict geometric pattern, which immediately shows that it was created thanks to human imagination. As a rule, for arranging such flower beds, flowers are chosen that are similar to each other in terms of flowering period.

Each garden owner can independently choose the design theme he likes for his site. If any difficulties arise, he can turn to a landscape designer and he will show visual sketches of ready-made flower beds.

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