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Decorative species and varieties of crocuses

The genus of crocuses or saffrons is quite numerous, includes about 80 species, about half of them are used in decorative floriculture. In the...

Growing crocuses in the garden

Crocuses are one of the most beautifully flowering bulbous primroses, they are unpretentious, easy to care for, reproduce well, so it is not surprising...

Indoor crocus flower in pots

Crocuses at home are grown by forcing, which consists in creating conditions for abundant flowering of the crop at a time when in nature...

Planting crocuses

For planting crocuses, they usually use subsidiaries, formed in the axils of the maternal scales, corms, planting overgrown nests, or buy ready-made planting material....
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Monday, November 28, 2022
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