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Everyone knows the Guinness Book of Records, where people record their amazing results. However, there are also records of plants that make you turn your mind and think that it is we, people, who are at the mercy of flora and fauna, and they also give us a place to live. It is on this topic that we will talk with the online store Flower Delivery.

Garden record holders

1. The most ancient plant are lichens. This resilient plant is able to adapt to many conditions and environmental changes. Scientists have discovered this plant in Antarctica, whose age is about 10 thousand years – before flowers appeared!

2. Orchids are considered the most mysterious and unknown flowers on the planet. Scientists have discovered this plant in Antarctica, whose age is about 10 thousand years – before flowers appeared! Its length is only 2.1 mm! As for its petals, they are made from just one ball of plant cells and are transparent. You may ask how such a miniature creature fell into the hands of researchers? Everything happened completely unintentionally and by accident. This was the case when scientists decided to go to the eastern part of the Andes mountains and study some types of local plants. When these inventions of nature were brought to the laboratory and they began to be scrupulously examined, another discovery was made by the surprised researchers – this miniature orchid. As for this genus of flowers in general, over the past century more than 1000 species of various orchids have been discovered: dwarf and giant, short-lived and champions in their flowering. And in Hawaii, the sale of these flowers is calculated not in pieces, but in pounds.

3. Now let’s pay attention to the largest trees. There is such a baobab tree that reaches a girth of about 10 m, but at the same time its height is not large enough to qualify for a record rating of 25 m. If you pay attention to the giant sequoia that grows on the American continent, then its diameter will be about 20 m And if you want to appreciate the power of such a tree, then come to Yosemite Park in America and you will see that a tunnel has been cut out of a similar tree through which transport passes in the modern world.

4. Eucalyptus trees are very useful for people. Their stems are used to make strong and durable telegraph poles that can withstand the most difficult weather conditions. In addition, in places of abundant water spills, people came up with the idea of ​​planting this plant so that it drains the soil with its roots, acting as a real natural pump.

5. A very large and durable water lily grows in the Amazon. Her petals can reach up to 2 m in length, and she herself can withstand the weight of a small child.

6. Legenaria most often grows in tropical conditions, in many ways similar to pumpkin. Her record is that she can grow very quickly – by about 15 cm per day, while her vegetable fruits also increase in size – they grow by 10 cm in the same period of time. This vegetable is also respected because it continues grow after cutting off part of the fruit from it. The incision site is tightened and the plant continues to grow.

7. A plant growing in the forests of the island of Sumatra can be included in the flower records. In addition to the fact that this flower has a gigantic size, it emits a very smelly smell – a mixture of rotten eggs and fish. If you get into the nearby area, you will feel it, because the radius of influence of this “aroma” is very large.

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