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Indoor flowers in hotel complexes are often used as decorative elements. But a well-chosen plant can not only delight the views of guests with its aesthetic appearance, but also maintain the correct energy balance in the room, have a general strengthening effect on guests, giving a powerful boost of energy and positive emotions. However, landscaping hotel rooms requires a responsible approach and compliance with a number of requirements.

Interior decor with plants

There are countless options for decorating hotel rooms using indoor plants. To create a cozy atmosphere in the room, sometimes one colorful plant is enough. For example, the branchy crassulas that adorn the Bilyar Palace hotel never cease to delight tourists with the beauty of succulent leaves. In addition to the fact that the so-called “money tree” is not picky at all and requires a minimum of care, according to the teachings of Feng Shui, it brings a stable influx of money and financial well-being into the room. The best option for landscaping small cozy rooms can be a small succulent placed on a coffee table by the window. However, comprehensive information about the plant should be studied in advance, regardless of the area of \u200b\u200bthe room in which it will be placed. After all, indoor flowers are not just an element of decor, but also living organisms, although not all of them require certain lighting and temperature maintenance.

Tough houseplants

It should be noted that it is very difficult for the staff to take care of numerous flowers, even if there is a winter garden on the territory of the hotel complex. Each plant is individual and requires certain care, so the most unpretentious indoor plants should be chosen for landscaping hotels. For example, the hotels of Kirovsk are decorated with high aspidistra, crested chlorophytum, scarlet and others. These ornamental plants tolerate transplanting and drafts, are accepted in any soil and do not require bright lighting. Regular watering and basic hygiene will make it possible to decorate rooms, halls, lobbies, corridors and other public areas of hotels with dazzling greenery of these plants. Quite often in places of temporary residence you can find echmea. Despite the vulnerability to changes in temperature and the need for regular spraying (during the warm season), the plant is characterized by a neutral smell, which is extremely important for the safety and comfort of the guests.

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